Frequently Asked Questions

⚫ Sambrham is an application which provides an opportunity for looking banquets. Banquets can be viewed and booked just through android application which is much simpler.

⚫ Increases the business since the booking is open 24/7.

⚫ Frequent update on the services and prices to the customers can be given.

⚫ Data can be maintained in a structured form.

⚫ Minimizes the work load.

⚫ There might be a chance where the customer call might go as unattended.

⚫ Since the app provides the details of the facilities available the customer gets an idea which avoids owner explanation.

⚫ Customer satisfaction can be increased by following their online feedbacks and acting upon their suggestion.

⚫ Since there are numerous halls finding out the hall that meets your requirements will be more easier.

⚫ Can plan the events according to the availability of the hall.

⚫ Customers can book the hall without waiting for the person to be available in the office.

⚫ Saves valuable time.

⚫ Avoids third party involvement.

⚫ Yes,the application is free for the end-users(public).Right now it is free for owner of the hall.But it might be charged in the future.

⚫ All the features inside the application are free of cost.

⚫ Only hall owners can login to app. User id and password will be provided by Admin.

⚫ You can register either through the application form or through using the feature called "Add Hall".

⚫ By default halls are sorted according to the alphabetical order.